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1st Contact Discos
Records to CDs and now we have MP3s. I have now over 100,000 titles and carry a very wide range of music types. I have the usual flashing lights and will always bring with me the 'Right Light For The Right Job'.

At 1st Contact Discos, I do not use strobe lighting and will listen to the client for their personal needs. I use a radio mic, which enables me to come out from the music to entertain you and your guests instead of sitting down behind the music all night.

At 1st Contact Discos I have full public liability insurance and all equipment is P.A.T. Tested.

When someone calls 1st Contact Discos, they are talking to me, and it's me who will be turning up. I don't subcontract work out to other DJs. I won't take the booking and act as an agent. How many shows does the company send out on any one night?
I believe that it is the most important part of the wedding to get the right DJ, music and of course the right atmosphere for you, your partner and your guests.
I am responsible for entertaining you and your guests on the biggest night of your life. For many of our clients, the reception is the most expensive and longest part of the day. Hiring a professional DJ is probably the most important decision you will make.

Most evening receptions will last at least four hours, some as long as six hours. However long, it will be the longest part of the day, and the part that will have the greatest impression on your guests, but sadly, often gets the least attention. This is strange, because not only is it the longest part of the day, but there are usually larger numbers of people present at this time. First of all, you need to establish what you are trying to achieve and what image you wish to portray.

A mobile disco is practical and the most cost-effective form of entertainment available to you. 1st Contact Discos will perform for longer periods of time and play a wider range of music to suit the ages of your guests. If you have some favourite tracks or particular styles of music you would like played I will be able to accommodate you.

1st Contact Discos has over 40 years of experience and this will ensure you get an experienced, all-round professional DJ and high-quality sound and lighting.

1st Contact Discos will play the music you and your guests want to hear at a volume that is not offensive.

1st Contact Discos know that the children can get bored with all the waiting around at weddings so we can entertain the children at the beginning of the wedding show with games and small prizes if required.

At 1st Contact Discos, I plan your wedding as early as you like with a free venue visit to discuss music tastes and to meet me.


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