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Pipe and Drape Direct

Pipe and Drape Direct
We manufacture, hire and install Pipe and Drape!
Our blackout and decorative drapes are specifically designed to work with the pipe and drape system meaning that the installation and removal time is heavily reduced as well as giving a clean and tidy finish to your drape line. We can supply a single backdrop to a full-height arena please get in touch with your requirements. We have over 25 years trading experience in the world of textiles, event drape and equipment.

We offer drapes in a variety of styles ranging from plush theatrical draping, blackout and noise cancelling to lighter-weight decorative drapes for weddings and parties. We do also have stock of LED starcloth and manufacture fibre optic starlight backdrops too.

What is Pipe & Drape?
Pipe and Drape is a quick and easy to use system used for dividing space and decorative purposes for all types of events. This is an industry standard product used throughout the UK event environment as a reliable way to transform any space. We are the largest stockist of pipe and drape in the UK and have many years of experience both using the product and advising on sales to ensure that you receive the right product to best suit your needs. We have other products to support the system ranging from accessory components to storage solutions and many more.

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